Pure natural herbal incense for burning in a refractory dish with charcoal or on a special sieve burner. Can be used for various purification rituals.


Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) 
Fortifies male sexual desire and protects against negative influences. Stimulates courage. This kind of incense can be used in purification rituals, like the elimination of negative energies which may block the natural flow of energy, in a living space as well as in a person's Aura. Also excellent incense for wicca and shaman rituals. Works also against mosquitos.

In Eastern therapies, in traditional Chinese healing as well as in Japanese & Korean acupuncture, mugwort is being used for ages to give heat to the body. This is called moxibustion. For this purpose, dried and pulverised mugwort is being set on fire. This is called "moxa". In China they do not name this acupuncture, but Zhen Jiu, which literally means stabbing (of needles) and burning (of moxa).


Element: Fire
Main effect on: Body.

How to use
Suitable for burning on a fireproof dish with charcoal, or on a special sieve incense burner. The burning process on a sieve burner is slower than on charcoal. You can easily mix the incense with other varieties.


Size: 30ml

Mugwort Herbal Incense