Lamurian Ice Crystal - from Brazil in super quality AAA.


Lemurian Seed crystals are believed to hail from Lemuria (also known by some as Mu), the ancient civilization said to have sunk in the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago.  Not only are Hawaiian volcanos and Polynesian islands believed by many to be Lemurian mountain tops; Mount Shasta, CA is believed to be the current residence of many Lemurians who chose to reside in the inner planet.  The Lemurian people held a different consciousness based upon the emotional and spiritual dimensions - which is vastly different than our current mental based consciousness and belief system. 

Lemurian holds deeply soothing energies that impart peace, relaxation, and balance. It helps with dream recall and calming the central nervous system. These crystals are wonderful in calming the mind and connecting you to higher realm energy, and bring upon deepened states of consciousness and meditation.


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Lemurian Ice Crystal