Pure natural herbal incense for burning in a refractory dish with charcoal or on a special sieve burner. Can be used for various purification rituals.


Everlasting Flower (Helichrysum arenarium)
Grows in South-European countries. Endangered species; scarcely found anymore. Offers a good mixing with resins and resinoids. A very sensual, stimulating mixture is obtained by combining a cone of Lambdanum with these flowers. A long-lasting fragrance for the heart comes from mixing it with Mastic resin. Everlasting Flower has a relaxing and soothing effect on inner contortions, that need to be handled with care. (*)


Element: Fire
Main effect on: Feelings

How to use
Suitable for burning on a fireproof dish with charcoal, or on a special sieve incense burner. The burning process on a sieve burner is slower than on charcoal. You can easily mix the incense with other varieties.


Size: 30ml

Dwarf Everlast Herbal Incense