Pure natural herbal incense for burning in a refractory dish with charcoal or on a special sieve burner. Can be used for various purification rituals.


Red Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana)
Cedarwood comes from a very powerful tree that originates from North America, reaching heights of over 35 yards, with diameters of over 1.5 yards. A popular incense with the Indians; it is said to unify the elements, enhance a harmonious sensual mood and bring good fortune. Incense rituals with cedar will make the soul's core stronger, and the connection with Mother Earth is amplified.


Element: Earth
Main effect on: Feelings

How to use
Suitable for burning on a fireproof dish with charcoal, or on a special sieve incense burner. The burning process on a sieve burner is slower than on charcoal. You can easily mix the incense with other varieties.


Size: 30ml

Cedar Wood Herbal Incense