Pure natural herbal incense for burning in a refractory dish with charcoal or on a special sieve burner. Can be used for various purification rituals.


Camphor, natural (Cinnamomum camphora)
Only when this evergreen tree is fifty years of age, will it begins excreting these bright red resin crystals. In the Himalayas they name it "Medicine for the wild men". Very suitable for bringing dynamics into stuck energy structures. Increases Prana and Chi. Aids with muscle relaxation, enhances a proper heart functioning, blood circulation and the vegetative nerve system. (*) Offers a penetrating, fresh and clarifying fragrance.


Element: Fire
Main effect on: Body


Attention: Do not use in the proximity of children.

How to use
Suitable for burning on a fireproof dish with charcoal, or on a special sieve incense burner. The burning process on a sieve burner is slower than on charcoal. You can easily mix the incense with other varieties.


Size: 30ml

Camphor Natural Herbal Incense