Selenite is named after the Greek Moon-goddess, because of the moonlike refraction of the light through the stone. Its effect on lovers is one of conciliation and reconnection. Selenite crystals are semi-precious stones with a special radiation. They are linked to the sixth Chakra (the Third Eye) and the seventh, Crown Chakra. In particular the white or transparent crystals offer a beneficial effect.
Length: ± 25 cm
Plug: two-pin plug, CE hallmark
Fitting: E14, 220-240 Volts
This lamp comes with an E14, 3 Watts LED lamp
Attention: This is a natural product so shape, size and colour vary and may differ fron the picture shown.
Tip: If you would like to protect your furniture from small scratches, please attach one or more felt stickers to the bottom of the lamp!

*This item is very heavy & delicate.  Take care when handling as due to the natural structure of selenite splinters do flake off. Also keep away from water or damp areas.

Selenite Lamp 25cm

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