Himalayan Salt Lamp Sphere Shaped - SmoothThe salt in these lamps come from the foothills of the Himalayas; a block of salt is shaped into a sphere egg and then hollowed out inside to contain a bulb. These look beautiful when lit, they aren't strong enough to be a sole light source by themselves but they do give a lovely atmosphere. The base on which these stand on are made from wood and are screwed into the base of the salt block, there's a small gap to allow a cable through at the bottom.A theory behind salt lamps suggests that as the lamp heats it, it gives off negative ions into the air which have health benefits. (There is some debate about this, however some studies have shown low levels are given off). The sizing of these lamps is pretty constant, but you will find that their shape and colouring can differ because of the nature of the salt; the quality is always constant. Weight & Dimensions: These are approximately 10.5 - 11cm in height, not including the wooden base (about 4.5 inches) and weight is around 2-3 kilos (give or take a few grams). The diameter of the wooden base is roughly 8.5cm (about 3.5 inches).Certification These lamps are CE certified and complys with the Electrical Equipment Safety Regulation 1994. We provide a 15 watt oven bulbs and a good quality cable to fit with the lamp (these use an on/off switch along the cable). Please note the colour of the cable may vary from the picture depending on what we receive at the time, these are usually either black or white. How to UseWhen you receive your salt lamp, it will have the cable and bulb separately. To use, simply screw in the bulb, place under the lamp and squeeze the metal clip to put the bulb inside. Then simply plug into the wall and turn on. Please Note One of the main physical properties of these lamps is that they are deliquescent (i.e. they have a tendency to absorb moisture from the air). The lamp bulb heats the salt up and drives the water out again. We recommend using the lamp fairly frequently, if it is not regularly lit up it can continue to absorb water and can start to crumble. This can happen more often in places where there's likely to be more water such as from condensation next to windows, conservatories or bathrooms. Salt Lamp Care NotesOur salt lamps are intended for indoor use only. They are for decorative use only and should not be left turned on if unattended for long periods. Keep the lamp away from excessive moisture of humidity (e.g. Cellars, Kitchens etc.). To replace the bulb: Turn the lamp off at a mains outlet. Unscrew the fitting from metal collar - do not pull cable. We recommend using at 15W E14 Pygmy "oven" bulb. Clean using a damp cloth only, do not apply cleaning products or immerse in water. The lamp might exhibit "sweating" on the surface - moisture is absorbed from the atmosphere by the salt and driven off again by the warmth of the bulb - a normal process that drives the air purification effect of the lamp. Please note that moisture from the lamp may mark the surface the lamp is resting on.Heavy over sized items. If ordering from anywhere (other than Ireland & NI) please email for delivery quotation before proceeding with your order.

Himalayan Salt Lamp - Sphere Shaped (Smooth)